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With a Groundbreaking AI Algorithm, SmartEdge Picks Offers Unmatched Accuracy and Affordable Betting Strategies for Enthusiasts

DENVER, CO — January 28, 2024 — SmartEdge™ Picks is thrilled to announce the official launch of its cutting-edge sports betting picks service, leveraging the unparalleled power of artificial intelligence (AI) to outclass the industry’s top handicappers and professional analysts. SmartEdge Picks is set to redefine sports betting by offering predictions with unprecedented accuracy, affordability, and accessibility.

“Our AI-driven approach has consistently outperformed human experts, achieving win rates that were once thought impossible in the sports betting world,” says Ryan Bradley, CEO of SmartEdge Picks. “Following our successful beta program, we are eager to bring our AI-powered sports betting picks to enthusiasts nationwide, turning the tide in their favor with more wins and unparalleled betting opportunities.”

Solving Industry Challenges

The sports betting industry has long been limited by human handicappers’ abilities, with top performers achieving win rates of only 50-60%. SmartEdge Picks disrupts this status quo with an AI system designed to identify betting opportunities missed by traditional methods. By analyzing vast amounts of data, SmartEdge Picks uncovers value bets where the odds do not reflect the true likelihood of outcomes, offering users a significant edge.

User Benefits

SmartEdge Picks empowers users to elevate their betting game without the hefty price tag associated with premium handicapping services. With plans starting at absolutely no cost, users can access AI-generated picks that aim to quickly surpass the cost of the service itself through smarter, data-driven betting decisions. While outcomes can’t be guaranteed, SmartEdge Picks is committed to providing users with the most advanced tools to enhance their betting strategy affordably.

Sign-Up Options

Interested bettors can sign up at to choose from three tailored plans: a Free plan offering occasional picks via newsletter, the 1-Sport plan for dedicated picks in one sport, and the All Sports plan for comprehensive access to picks across all sports.

Join the winning side of sports betting today with SmartEdge Picks. Sign up now to start leveraging AI-driven insights and transform your betting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned bettor or new to the game, our service is designed to offer you more wins and unparalleled value. Visit to choose your plan and step into the future of sports betting.

About SmartEdge Picks

SmartEdge Picks is a sports betting service that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to provide superior sports betting picks. Founded by industry veterans and AI experts, SmartEdge Picks is dedicated to revolutionizing sports betting with technology-driven solutions that offer accuracy, affordability, and an edge over traditional betting strategies.

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